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Do you struggle with your front steps? Over 800,000 patients a year are hospitalized because of a fall injury says the CDC. Every day one of our customers lives their best life with a handicap accessible ramp.


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    Protect Your School from ADA Violations

    While your school needs to be accessible to students with disabilities, the ADA goes much further than accessible bathroom stalls and wheelchair ramps. The following examples are all taken from recent Justice Department settlements with school districts, universities, recreation programs, and summer camps and show there’s more to the ADA…

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    The Dangers of Homemade Ramps

    As ramp manufacturers, we see many well-intentioned attempts to create an acceptable slope to allow someone with mobility difficulties (whether in a mobility device or not) to bypass the stairs outside their home. And the reason we see it is because these people learn what we already know – these…

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  • Scam Alert

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    How to Protect Yourself from Scam Attempts

    Senior Citizens have long been targets of financial scams. Unfortunately, many of these scam artists find increasingly convincing ways to deceive older adults into giving them their money or personal information.  Suspect Be aware of anything suspicious or out of character, from your financial institutions, the government or your loved…

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More About National Ramp

About Home Access

National Ramp's products can be shipped throughout the United States and Canada. Our access ramps feature the safest walking surface in the industry. We serve dealers and homeowners in a timely, professional, and reliable manner.  These ramps are not only for the disabled but also for those that might be afraid of tripping.  Call National Ramp today to learn more about wheelchair access ramps.  We have wheelchair ramps for sale through our dealer network across North America.

About Commercial Access

National Ramp's Commercial Access Division incorporates ramps, decks, steps, and walkways that are pre-engineered to be in full compliance with ADA guidelines and IBC codes. We utilize factory-trained installers that will complete installations on your site, with the highest standards possible.  Call today for more information on commercial wheelchair ramp installation. 

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About Veterans Access

National Ramp is honored to have been awarded the VA Central Region contract as the exclusive provider of aluminum wheelchair ramps to Veterans through the VA in VISNs 9, 12, 15, 16 and 23.