Triumph Series™ – Steel Ramps

Triumph Series™ - Steel Ramps
National Ramp’s Triumph Series™ Modular Steel Ramp
is aesthetically pleasing, yet economical ramp solution!

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  • 3-year warranty on the steel ramp series
  • Tuxedo Black color compliments any exterior finish
  • All components are coated with a durable powder coated finish – far more durable than painted steel ramps
  • Textured finish for slip resistance
  • 800 lb. weight capacity
  • Modular design to allow virtually any configuration
  • ADA compliant 36″ width
  • Easy installation – installs in hours, not days
  • Unique welded cone-mounted handrail design is more rigid than standard side-bolted handrails
NR_Steel_SH-1a No puddles!
Rain and melting snow can pass right through.
NR_Steel_SH-1b Code compliant mesh design, allows natural drainage, yet is small enough to prevent small objects from passing through.
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